Civilian & Living History


The Sixth Legion needs your support!


The Sixth Legion at Eboracum has a civilian section. Male or female, there are plenty of roles for people who don’t want to be a legionary, but do want to be a Roman, a Briton or from elsewhere in the Empire?

Whether working in the fort’s canabae or living in the civilian settlement (later colonia) across the river, there’s plenty to do. Those legionaries need feeding and clothing, sandals need to be made, metal worked, pottery sold, bone carved, gods to be worshipped and laurel wreaths constructed. And there’s lots of other aspects to explore too!

civilian hair braid

If you want to join the 6th Legion Civilians you will find that at the first few shows we can lend you the clothing you need, and can support you in being a Roman. We can then support you in making or acquiring your own kit.

civilian gamesBeing in the Sixth Legion is fun – meet and talk with the public, help in the camp, banter with group members during the day. And then in the evening, settle round the camp fire or tavern, sip the local beverage and enjoy the company.

If you want to be a civilian, the Sixth Legion at Eboracum is looking forward to hearing from you!


Useful sites and suppliers

Armamentaria – a one stop shop for authentic Roman equipment!

Legio XX – lots of useful information about being soldiers and civilians

Rigorevali – excellent boots

Roman Army Talk – discussion on all things Roman, not just army!

Roman – lots of information about Roman sites

Seams Roman – makes clothing, including tunics, trousers & cloaks

Tillerman Beads – glass beads for your authentic necklace or bracelet